A battle type hero featuring close range attacks, an agile character for all around purposes. He can destroy both heroes and buildings.
Oriens Raiksha


Raiksha is an Agi type hero.

STR: 18

AGI: 21

INT: 15

PHY: 21


Knife Throw - Active, Range (10m) Target (Hero, Monster, Creature) Magic Damage:400 Faint (1.5 sec.)

Dancing Sword - Active, Range (10m) Effect Diameter (10m) Target (Hero, Monster, Creature) Deals splash damage (120) for 8 sec.

Wing Boots - Passive, Attack Increase:70%, Movement Speed Increase: 50

Crescent Bash - Active, Range (3m) Target (Hero, Creature) Also effects targets with Magic Immunity. 1,200 magic damage when attacking hostile hero or creature. Faint (2.5 sec)

Battle Command (500 SP required) - Passive, Sight Increase: 30m, Physical Damage Absorption: 40

King's Dignity (1250 SP required) - Active, (15 sec) Magic Immunity. Self Defense Decrease (2)