An evolution type hero that uses close-range attacks. A skillful character in one-on-one combat due to his powerful attacks.
Oriens Takiru


Takiru is a STR type hero.

STR: 22

AGI: 17

INT: 14

PHY: 22

SPD: 625


Bite - Active, Range (6m) Target (Hero, Monster, Creature) 360 Magic Damage to target, Movement Speed decrease 300 (6 seconds) to target.

Hurricane Claw - Active, Diameter (8m) Target (Hero, Monster, Creature) Pierces Magic Immunity, applies the effects: Magic Immunity, Splash Damage: 200 for four seconds

Critical Hit - Passive, Critical Rate increase: 32%. 50% chance on every attack that 56 the effects: damage per second (5s), Dispel potion disabled and Magic Protection Scroll disabled, will be applied to the target.

White Tiger Transformation - Active, Changes base stats to 25/25/0/25 at an increase of 3/3/1/3 per level. Movement speed is upped to 650.

Applied for 25 seconds:

Evasion IncreaseL 15%

Defense Increase: 10

Magic Defense Increase: 25%
Increase Critical Rate: 25%

Damage Increase: 60

30% chance that on every attack:

Damage per second: 90

Dispel Potion disabled

Magic Protection Scroll disabled

Eye of the Tiger - Passive, Attack Increase 60, Magic Defense Increase 25%

Rage Dash - Active, Distance (15M) Targets (Monsters, heroes, creatures, buildings) Inflicts damage to target clashed with during the attacks movement: Magic Damage 480